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Hello! I'm Arri πŸ‘‹

Let's make the web a more welcoming and beautiful place!


Welcome humans! I’m Arri, a Senior Software Engineer with a knack for frontend development and a passion for accessibility. I have just now started doing talks at conferences but I love it and am hoping to do more!


I do most of my development at work and like to spend my free time outdoors, however there are some side projects I have made for fun. Feel free to check them out.


Codium is a design system I am building that was inspired by my nilJS project. I am trying to learn more about the design aspects of accessibility so my goal is to make a design system that is AAA WCAG compliant. When I am further along with development I will be happy ot share the code. For now you can check out my progress on its site.

Codium Rocks!


Common problem that I run into is leveling headings properly. I created this so I can easily specify β€œup,” β€œdown,” or β€œsame” for heading levels.

AudoHeader Source code


This is a simple component library that I made. It contains HTML and CSS only (no JavaScript) snippets that you can plug into your project. My intent is to encourage more developers to see how powerful CSS is and how much you can do even with JavaScript Disabled.




I am new to conference talks but I have been having fun and can’t wait to do more!

Bridges And Ramps @ Deserted Island DevOps

Is your DevOps toolkit a deserted island of inaccessible tools? Are you unsure if you have enough bridges and ramps for people to get around your island? In this session, I will give you some guides on how to make your tooling usable and easy for differently-abled people!

Deserted Island DevOps



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